Sunday, 29 June 2014


An Indian wedding is similar to a Greek Mythology - its parts mean a lot more than the whole! Weddings in India have a firm foundation, attached with an even firmer belief. The coming together of two individuals and hence the extension of one's family to incorporate equal number of relatives from their partner's side, well this is the, what we would say, the technological crux of an Indian Wedding. But being Mass Media students, we need to use our deeper insights, right!
Weddings in India form a characteristic level of an individuals life, for example- if you are in the so-called marriageable age group, then getting you married will be the top action in the priority list of all your uncles and aunts. Every time you meet them, they'll be having the perfect match for you as if they are running their own marriage bureau. And if you are married, you become a walking example of how amazing your life can become after marriage. Plus, you are also supposed to provide advice to the to-be-bride/groom.
Even the economics of an Indian Wedding are more tangled than an individual's personal dilemmas. Every aspect of weddings in India, is so critical in its approach that even initiating its planning is like getting into the arena to fight with vicious monsters. And with the present generation being lazy at its best, it has paved way for the development of Wedding Planners.
Wedding Planning has become a booming segment of the Indian economy with hundreds of crores as its annual turnover ( who said India wasn't the golden bird anymore! ).
"So go on, tie the knot in a radiant style, after all a great chunk of your country's economy is dependent on it."
No matter how much we criticize the aberrated norms of our wedding culture, at the end of the day the rituals, the masala, the gossips, the food, the dresses and loads of laughter do form a great entertainer and are etched in our minds, well, till the next wedding of the season.
But one of the main attractions of an Indian Wedding , which also strikes a cord with our hearts , is the way in which one household has to let go of their daughter, on whom they have been showering infinite love and care through most of their life, the emotional turmoil they must have to undergo. But the only thing that keeps them going, is the belief in their minds and hearts that she will be accepted with the same amount of love and care into the new household that now forms an integral part of her life.
Yes, I agree, the drama quotient in Indian Weddings is a bit too high!! But what's life without a pinch of drama in it ?
Hence, having put forward my thoughts on Indian Weddings, now I would like to put my pen down with the hope in my mind that weddings in India keep on becoming more entertaining!!



  1. Good one. Keep up the good work of penning down your ideas beautifully.

  2. @Kumud Munshi thank you mam for inspiring us! :-)


  4. Nice pic... I can associate girls with weddings... as shooping is their forte... designers dress and all that :) good post.

  5. The post is very entertaining, however it raises two impotant arguments, the patriarchal systems and the expenditure associated with marriages. The weddings acts as a platform to display wealth, which sometimes can go to many chores. Considering middle and upper middle class families, this is manageable, but consider the poorer sections of society, who have to host marriages far beyond their earingings, just to get some social standing. I am very sorry if I come across as a killjoy, but your article to some extent also exposes the patriarchy that is prevalent in Indian marriages. The girl always having to leave her home to her in laws and be at their mercy is a little sickening in the least. I apologise again, if I come across as someone who is trying to ruin a fun article with some unfounded apprehensions, but being mass media students, and being myself, I feel it is my inherent duty to kick the hornet's nest every now and then

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  7. great..way of presenting d the indian weddings ..nice thoughts..i liked it aparajita :)