Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Retro movie review- Mera Naam Joker.

 MOVIE: Mera Naam Joker

DIRECTOR: Raj Kapoor

STARRING: Raj Kapoor,Simi Garewal,Monoj Kumar,Rishi Kapoor,Dharmendra,Dara Singh,RajendraKumar.

MUSIC BY: Shankar Jaikishan

RELEASE DATE: Dec 18,1970

This  film was the debut of Rishi Kapoor. Mera naam joker is a film about a clown who must make his audience laugh at the cost of his own sorrows. It is the story of Raju, considered the best circus clown ever. Ever since Raju's father dies in a car accident, Raju's mother has been repulsed by the circus. As luck would have it Raju has a natural affinity towards the circus world. The film traces Raju's journey from his childhood to the day of his last performance.

The movie begins with the adolescent Raju and deals with his infatuation with his teacher Mary, who eventually marries her long time beau. After his first heartbreak, the story follows adult Raju who has found work with Gemini circus as a clown. There he falls in love with Marina( Kseniya Ryabinkina) the lead trapezist. He becomes close to her despite the language barrier but faces heartbreak again when she leaves for Russia. In the final chapter of the movie he falls in love with Meenu(Padmini) who leaves him to become a successful film heroine. At the end of the film Raju invites the three ladies he was in love with to watch his last performance.

The film brings out the life of circus employees who face all the hardships in life with a smile on their faces. The film has a huge star cast with some brilliant performances which has garnered the film high critical praise.