Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Day in a Shopping Mall…

A day, a different and memorable day of my life at Inorbit Mall, Vashi. Even though I go for shopping frequently, this one was very special. Standing at a very cozy spot of the mall, observing the crowded mall and people shopping very cheerfully. Suddenly my eyes attracted towards an angel, a real angelic little girl who has a very innocent and cute smile on her face,  a unique one. She reminded someone very special to me, My Sister, who is no longer with me and no more in this world.
My Sister, she was really a valuable one for me. Her loss makes me cry even today. It has been 10 years since she left us but still it feels as if she left us yesterday. Giving me a sister like her was the best gift by my parents ever. She was born when I was in Mont II Grade. That was the best day for me ever. We always loved each other never picked a fight as I used to compromise with her for all my toys and stuffs. We had an age gap of 7 years. We were going through an awesome life.But soon that tragedy took place; she was 6-years-old and caught with severe illness. For weeks she was admitted in the hospital. We all were worried and hoped she would get well soon. Later we came to know that was affected with pneumonia, a severe illness, that too in brain. We all were shocked and depressed. Even Doctors lost their hopes for her, but it was difficult for us to digest it and we still believed she would be better. I used to make her sleep on lap and used to tell stories and make her sleep. Weeks passed but her condition was worsening day by day. And one fine day, in the morning when I went to wake her with her morning drink, she was sleeping with smiley face hugging one of mine and her picture tightly to her chest. I went to her and called her but there was no response from her. Initially I thought she was acting but I feared. I rushed to call my parents and doctors were also home. It was a bad news. She left all of us. I was almost unconscious for days. I can’t even believe how she can leave us so early. But still she is very much alive in all our hearts. Miss you sister, miss you very badly.
That little girl made remember all those memories which I had with my sister. I went to her gave a chocolate and kissed her on head. She smiled looking at me and kissed me back. However, it is truly said that loved ones always are alive in our hearts and no one else can take their place.


  1. Hello everyone, My first post in this blog :)

  2. Sharanniya, I am touched.Remember she is your strength and wishes you well. You have to come out stronger and be a winner all the way. Be a fighter, train your mind and be positive. Keep posting and keep commenting.

    1. Yes Mam'am definitely! Sure and thankyou :)