Saturday, 23 May 2015



Kasturi Villa. An, old, not-so-happening, 4 storied residential building next to our 18 storied king-sized tower, is hardly given any importance by passers-by. On a usual, working day the windows of my bedroom struggle to find any signs of human inhabitance in this creation of mankind. Some days would bring forth a violent scenario where two men could be seen clutching each others’ collars fighting over petty issues.

Similar such day was expected on the nineteenth of May. I was woken up at 8:00 am. No, no I am not the kind of early birds who go for a walk conscious of shedding weight. It was the chattering of people. I slid apart the curtains and glanced down. Some 20-25 people were standing in a circle in the small complex of this building. Now, you must understand that I didn’t reach that stage of consciousness to be able to make sense out of things.

I ran my hand through the side table and found my specs. Each person bore an expression of extreme importance. Hustle, bustle, energy and enthusiasm similar to what one may find only during Ganesh Chaturthi. Chairs could be seen lining up behind one another and tables battled for space trying to look presentable. A stool with music player on top seemed to enjoy the kind of publicity it got from the children.

The sun departed disappointed as it couldn’t understand what the folks were up to. A projector was set up in front of the chairs. Well, at 8, the dull grey screen turned into a young, well-trimmed, lawn with commentators bringing in the winds of their opinion into the jam-packed stadium. MI vs.CSK. Our little audience was sure who was going to win the match.

They cheered at the sixes and wickets. The otherwise fuming faces could be seen hugging each other. The music system had its own way of cheering by playing the “Duniya hila denge” tune. Though I was just a silent spectator gazing at the joyous fest, I wondered how many such Kasturi Villas had this IPL united.

Dancing, cheering on top of their voices and biting their nails, these people weren’t the same as before. IPL is not just Indian Premiere League where new players shoot up to fame; it has become a celebration, a way of life for the common man. Kids ensure that their homework is completed, mothers keep the dinner ready and office-goers reach home on time. What a feeling of pride to say “kal apni team kya kheli, yaar!!”

And now that Mumbai has secured a place in the finals, we Mumbaikars have all the more reason to be proud! After a brief struggle with the RCB, Chennai Super Kings has emerged as the other finalist and I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting clash.

Well, it turns out that it will be blue seas v/s yellow sands and vada pav v/s dosa!! So, as the rosogullas witness this event live, grab your pack of popcorn and book tomrrow’s evening for Siddhu’s sher-o-shayari, the dancing crowds and ofcourse, that glittering IPL trophy....

May the best team win!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh yes.... Being a cricket fan, even I do the same things, but yes, these sports are just like festivals for bringing people together.

  2. A treat to my eyes. Indeed after a gap i am reading beautiful and familiar lines written by you. Wonderful theme, aptly worded with a subtle message too. Keep posting and motivating all of us.