Monday, 3 August 2015



 This visionary person is the most respected one in my and perhaps millions of other lives.............who know him and who don't know him. The Missile Man of India had an indomitable spirit and ignited our minds, taught us how to fly with wings of fire, facing and enjoying the turning points of life. He came long way as a hardworking, enduring child, then as an inquisitive, innovative student with a modest, innocent personality, then as a successful scientist contributing to the defense of the nation and making the nation actually bursting with pride, then as a smart and sharp President of India, then as a professor--as the most lovable work for him was to be a teacher. Being equally successful at all of these, he is one of the best motivator and provoker of purely brilliant thoughts and intelligent actions and enthusiasm.........the things which we lack and which makes him extraordinary. 


This was what we all know about personal thoughts..........Oh!! I feel so jealous of those who have had even a glance of him and of course those who shook hands with him.......didn't they get some kind of spark by just looking at him.......huh! He, is of course, my favorite leader and favorite author. Ye know, when we were asked to give a speech on 'My favorite Leader' by our English teachers, he was the one very unique so I chose to speak about him or when they asked to write a book review of any book, it was 'Wings Of Fire' which I chose:P............. He is one of the very few dynamic personalities.........such people are rare beings. Whenever I think of such people, a shiver goes down through my spine, I mean I literally freeze!!! I love his feels like a warm, soft conversation with him. The inspire me to do more and more for something I dream of. 

What more can I write about him...........just full of praises for him and blessed by someone very wise, single-minded and friendly!!!


  1. Now that he's no more, its our duty to take his vision further. Write and elaborate about Vision 2020, the youth needs to know about it.