Tuesday, 8 September 2015

RIP Television 

How The Internet Could Kill Television.

Internet has a lot of potential to kill Television. I am not talking about television programs, but i am talking about television as a medium. Years pass and the medium of entertainment that interests people changes. First the radio, overshadowed by the TV, which in turn is soon to be overpowered by the Internet.

When most of us talk about watching a show, or a serial, or a Sitcom, we seldom talk about watching it on the 'Idiot Box', instead many of us watch them online, and many of us prefer downloading it.

Websites like Netflix has surely helped to welcome more and more TV shows online. Netflix is not currently available in India, but universally serves 28 countries.

There is factually nothing that you can find on TV that one cannot find on the internet. And this new trend is now visible with series of shows only meant for the internet. YouTube channels have started to create shows for the current generation, which is nothing but magnificent. Online series is nothing new to the world, but to India, this onset has definitely created a sensation.

Recently TheViralFever, or commonly known as TVF, released their season finale to their second series, TVF – Pitchers (The first one being ‘Permanent Roommates’), and looking at the craze the youth has for it, it could be perceived that things are changing, and our medium of entertainment is definitely one of them.

- Anil Nair

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