Sunday, 15 November 2015

#Pray for Paris


Those of you who have been active on various social networking sites might have seen the recent posts regarding "#PrayForParis" quote.Some of you may have also changed your profile pictures for the same cause.Let us all take a moment from our busy lives and reflect upon what really happens when these kind of attacks take place especially the involvement of the media in spreading the news.

November 13,2015 has become a date no one in the world will easily forget , just like the 9/11,26/11,11/7,etc.this date from now on will be remembered as 13/11.When innocents die the whole world suffers,the humanity in particular suffers.The people in power try to find solutions through various means but what remains is the loss of humanity and brotherhood at large.Let me not go into the detail of how and when the attacks happened or what was/were the motives of the terrorists because by now most of you must have read the in the newspapers,the internet,television,etc.

When these kinds of attacks on civilians happen, the circus of the people in power and those involved in the media industry begins.The blame game starts with no positive outcomes and the relatives of the dead are not  given the justice that they deserve.The media whose purpose as we have learned, is to spread awareness tries to earn from sensationalizing matters that need a sensitive and insightful approach.What lacks is an objective approach towards reporting such incidents.There are also stereotypes regarding the the conditions of victim's relatives.They are shown as helpless and in need for sympathy.Its not always like that.There are people who are brave enough to fight for justice for their lost ones. Then there are debates and discussions involving the politicians on news channels which ends up getting messier than to make the situation better.

What we need now, in today's world is an efficient network of news reporting and presentation which shows what is really happening there-the conditions of the survivors,the victim's relatives and the steps taken by the people in power.It should be a network free from all types of prejudices and stereotypes and which treats facts as they are.Otherwise the media industry will be like a neighborhood circus but on a global stage.

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