Monday, 23 May 2016

22 -year old fellow drowned at beach in Mumbai - article

A 22-year-old man was feared drowned at Juhu beach after he had gone with his three friends for a swim on Sunday 22nd may. The incident occurred around 1.30pm when Abrail Shaikh was pulled in by the strong current of water. This is the second incident in the past three days at Juhu beach after Irshad Qureshi, 26, resident of Bandra, who had gone along with his two other friends on Friday, was drowned into the sea. 
His 2 friends who were playing in the water along with him couldnot find him at first, after seeing him far away from them drowning inside the water they ran outside the water for asking help from the guards.
The fire brigade department and life guards posted on beach were alerted soon after the incident. The search operation began from afternoon but they did not find him yet.

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