Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Now a days, entertainment industry has become a powerful means that influence how consumers view themselves and the world around them. And portrayal of violence through media is increasing day by day, as it puts a negative impact on the consumer of media. Violence in television, video games and films promote aggression and destructive behavior. Impact of these media directly falls on children and teenagers.
The two largest media that promote violence are television and movie. The violence in these two forms of media have a very large impact, due to widespread movie theatres and ninety nine percent of homes having one television.
Violence affects how people think, act and speak, in a violent manner, because of  what they have seen or heard. Since it affects the people psychologically, mostly children and youths, they have more tendency to mimic what they see without knowing the reality of television programmes. Thus, many people loose their life because of their stupidity.
Thus, it is very important to know the reality  and be safe rather than forming a wrong opinion on a particular film or programme and performing stupid stunts or acts.
"Be Alert , Be Safe."