Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Mankind still alive.

Mankind still alive!
During the World War II a man saved 8000 Jews by faking typhus epidemics.
Eugene Lazowski's generosity under the threat of execution is another reminder that not all human beings are terrible. Like many others, Eugene's actions during the World War II helped save thousands of Jews that would have most certainly been executed in a concentration camp by the Nazi's.
Eugene Lazowski was born and raised in a small town in Poland. When the World War came rolling around, Eugene like many other young men decided to enroll in the army. First, he was a second lieutenant on a Red Cross train, later becoming a medical doctor in the polish resistance. 
Eugene Lazowsk, with the help of his friend Dr Stanislaw Mateluwicz, created a fake typhus epidemic that wasn't lethal, but to the Nazi doctors it appeared as if almost the entire population of the city had typhus! As a result, the Nazis quarantined the city and around 8,000 Jewish people avoided going to concentration camp.
Eugene Lazowski passed away in 2006.

- Sai Uphad

Source- 8factapp

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