Tuesday, 2 September 2014

       The Mirage of Life
Lost, tired , wired i am 
Dragging my foot to walk around
My foot is sulking into the ground 
By the sand dunes i am bound 
Victorious i am,
Because i am self crowned
Despite, i still keep walking 
Because , i still haven't got respite
Searching for it day and night
Searching for water all around,
Not a single drop to be found.
Suddenly i see what i was longing for,
I pound upon it,
only to find sand in my mouth.
Oops! I think i got it wrong ,
Its just a mile along the path
i now run as fast as i can 
"it's nearing " i tell my mind
As i near it it moves farther
It's a mirage, my destination
my destination is a mirage
The closer i get the farther it moves,
leaving me high n dry
and also does it help me try
makes me cry
Mirage of life it's all about
Keeps you moving all around...


  1. Wow what a beautiful poem with such a deep meaning! Plus you'll be the inspiration for all the non-mass media students. *GLAD* :D

  2. beautiful poem indeed !!! so we have such good poets hidden ...in our school :)

  3. Good one... Poem explains how not to loose hope and keep moving.

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  5. Well done chaitanya,I wish u lots of luck for all your endeavours.