Thursday, 9 June 2016


                              For the last 4 years the only constant thing in my mind was getting done with high school, graduating and escaping the wrath of tests, exams and subjects that never even registered in my brain. As I came closer and closer to the last year of school I started counting months and days till I could finally get away from school once and for all. But as I was making my elaborate plans of escaping, something clicked inside my mind. Maybe all these years of rigorous hard work (which was triggered by hours long counselling sessions by my parents) looked like a torture torpedo waiting to detonate but i had learned so much these past years. I was slowly shaping and molding into a new person. Every little experience I’ve had till now has changed the way I look at things, and myself. Yes some days were worse than others but each tiny little experience made me realize how important all of this was. it was like climbing up a ladder that never ends, some days the ladder would feel wonky and out of balance, like everything would come crashing down any minute while the rest of the days it felt like I could jump up a dozen step and still not be out of breath. Every step forward felt like an achievement that I get to celebrate with myself.

After spending almost 3 and a half years in high school I can finally say one thing for certain. School, though may not sound so fun and wonderful, shapes you into the person you are. You are slowly pushed onto the slide of reality, a slow, excruciating slide filled with bumps and stops all along the way but nevertheless an adventurous one.

Take me back in time and I still wouldn’t change a single experience I’ve had.



  1. Amazing write up Juveria!!So proud of you!Keep it up!

  2. nice one.Keep up the good forward.