Monday, 3 April 2017


           TEENAGE DREAM

It all started with puberty and everything seemed strange,
my world turning upside down and mumma celebrating my gain.
Everyone was cheering and said,"you've grown up" 
but all this meant for me was now i was free.

now the day had come to command life on my own,
to do whatever felt right and judge right from wrong.

I was my own genie and granted all my wish,
tried everything new even if it meant you had to slip.
Now all wrong seemed right and truth was all gone.
My parents tried to stop me and said,"this is wrong"
but all I did was push away and said,"I'm no lil girl anymore."

As I resumed to this darkness, the path of drug and theft,
karma had it's own plans as she said,"now I'll get you back." 

My freedom cost me everything, my friends and my life,
now all i can wish is for this teenage dream to go back.


                                                -Vaishnavi Nayagam

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