Saturday, 2 August 2014

Book Review: Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan

The Paranormals #1: Jenny Pox

Jenny Pox, the first book of 'The Paranormals' written by JL Bryan is as promising as the cover seem to be. It is a self-published supernatural, horror novel which is worth reading a while. The story is about an eighteen year old girl, Jenny Morton whose touch can cause a deadly plague. The novel begins with the narration of protagonist's childhood incident where the protagonist, Jenny accidentally kills a venomous creature: diamondback rattling snake with her lethal touch. Jenny grows up with a simple rule, 'touch no one' until she meets someone of her own kind. Seth, the guy whose touch can heal people and the only person whom Jenny can touch.

In my opinion, the antagonist of the story, Ashliegh, made the novel a perfect hit! It is this masterfully plotted character who is brilliantly wicked and a devil disguised in her cute, girly look. With her charming smile and manipulative nature, she gets whatever she can think of. And I literally mean it! Its not hard enough to tell that this character has been built extremely powerful and witty who makes Jenny's life a living hell. I am really in love with this character who is almost unstoppable, unbeatable and so destructive in nature.The book keeps the reader on the hook because of Ashleigh.

Jenny, on the other hand, a simple, kind and introvert girl have to battle with such a gamer lady. But of course, don't underestimate our sweet Jenny. With her powers she can be the goddess of evil. Jenny belongs to a poor family who lives with her father. The fact that Jenny's birth caused the death of her mother keeps Jenny in a guilt. The character hardly talks to anyone living in her town and almost everyone avoid her. She is potrayed as boring, unfashionable girl who wears gloves in all the seasons and all the time. Jenny's character is constructed in such a way to create a soft corner in the heart of the readers. And I really did felt for the character.

The story is all about Jenny's encounter with her own kind, how she discovers the answers to her secrets, how she unravels the mysteries of her life and how she stops Ashliegh from destroying mankind. The book is a nice treat for those who enjoy supernatural and horror. The ending of the novel is so unpredicatable, definitely worth reading a while. I would give this novel 4.5 stars. JL Bryan has done a brilliant job and the other books of the series are out too. A must read novel.

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  1. Yaa I've Read The Book And Its Definitely Amazing.

  2. That's an interesting concept, of being able to harm with one's touch. Could it also apply to being hurtful in one's speech and not intending it? I can actually relate to Jennifer at a whole new level here.