Wednesday, 6 August 2014



Wow !! what heart touching lines said by someone great..But wait how many of us agree to this ..or how many of have seen people accepting these words ..very FEW!!:(...well being a citizen of India  we all know what is happening around in the country in  recent times ..and one on the most high cases reported are of FEMALE FOETICIDES and RAPES .!!Why ..what is happening to our cultural and social society have they forgotten their ethics ..or moral values ??Why is that every time when a girl is born she considered as a curse in the society ??? I WILL GIVES YOU A REASON..
                              In the Indian society, the dependence and lack of freedom for women has not only provided men an importance over them but it has also given parents the fear of having a girl child. From early ages, girls were considered burdens for their parents. Marrying them off at a young age to a considerably good boy is the only consideration parents have after the girl child is born. This belief is so deeply rooted in a girl’s mind till date she very easily shifts all her attention to her husband and his family once she gets married. The girl’s family has to pay a huge dowry and abide by all the wishes of the in-laws for rest of their lives. All this is done in the name of preventing the girl from being harassed. But, all these are not applicable for a boy. They neither are considered a burden, nor have to pay dowry or shift their attention to the bride’s family. Our society has created a big difference between a girl and a boy. The society in the years hoping to work towards the benefit of women, have worked for the reverse. Then why will parents want to have daughters?
Well ..we might have come into the 21st century and made ourselves aware of Saving Girl child and also banning amniocentesis and killing of foetus before birth ..but it is sad enough to inform that regardless of all this , 70 percent of Indians who are living in rural parts  continue these practices  ..shameful enough  there are some villages in our country which kill the girl child in the worst manner and also criticize the mother of the poor child ..
IS THIS THE BETTERMENT OF INDIA???In which direction the development going..even after living in Metropolitan cities we here n number of cases about illegal abortions of girl child ..or throwing away a 1-2 month or even a 12-day child in the dustbin or river  ..Is this the development ??? Even after having so many laws in favor of girls and women,we remain helpless !!!   Does government implement those laws or take Strict actions ??? It  is unfortunate that though these laws are laid down, they are not implemented. The practice of female infanticide prevails. As this act of cruelty cannot be done by good hands openly, they are done by immature, unprofessional doctors.Frequent abortions lead to deterioration in the physiology and heart of the woman. . For no fault of her own, the girl child in the womb is killed before her birth. As a consequence of this, women-hunt has become common. This has pushed the women into a deeper trench. isn't it....
                                                            Female foeticide dwells among the society implemented by someone who is a part of us. But the root cause is not them but the social pattern which has made sons a preferred commodity and daughters a liability. We need to change ourselves, our outlook towards a girl and a boy and a male and a female. Till we don’t give equal importance to a girl and to a boy and of course to a man and to a woman, female foeticide will continue to persist in our society. These unborn, lost girls can give joy and glory to you and to the nation. They can become doctors, engineers and even pilots. At the same time, they are and will be good wives and good mothers.
Thus on a  conclusion i would say  that FEMALE FOETICIDE IS A DEVIL  in itself that lives amongst us and torments the lives of people all around it. So let’s stand united and fight against this growing parasite.
Give them the chance to prove themselves. Give them the chance to live.


  1. Thank you for putting up this article, the issue cannot be stressed enough, no matter how many times you put it. We cannot call ourselves 'sone ki chidiya' if we silence half the voice. An interesting observation made by my mother is the bias that exists in educated upper middle class families about having female children, some even feel ashamed of having no sons, which is appalling in a modern society like ours.
    But great article and great going ahead.

  2. good article.This issue is close to my heart and i really feel disgusted about this trend which still prevails in our society. It is like a disease which is refusing to get cured,no matter what efforts are made in this direction.Nevertheless efforts towards eradication of this disease have to be constantly made to ensure that this horrendous practice is curbed totally.

    1. @ kumud maam ..truly maam this a talk of shame ..and somthing has too be done to curb it..

    2. @aditya gopal ..thank you so much..