Sunday, 24 August 2014

PM’s Quest for Development Rages Fire Amongst Developers

After a massive win in the 2014 elections, people have high hopes with our new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi has been successful enough in becoming that leader on which the masses can actually trust and be sure that he won’t repeat what has been happening in the country from the past 10 years. People had been frustrated with the scenario of the nation where a nation which was once known as, ‘’Sone ki chidiya’’  was now known as ‘’Scam India’’ where corruption was very usual. After bearing this for almost a decade, Modi came as fresh wave of hope to the people. He emerged as that one leader who spoke about the development of all, and not about the religion of all. And this has been the reason people used their power of Vote and made Modi, our new PM. With power comes responsibility and Modi is one those few leaders who is able enough to understand this. People have their hopes held high and it’s time for the PM to act. For this, Modi Government has it’s 11 Point Agenda. The 11  point agenda is:
1.Agriculture & Food
2. Transport
3. Jobs
4. Energy
5. External Affairs
6. Infrastructure
7. Tourism
8. Defence
9. Minorities & Women
10. Internal Security
11. Centre State Relations

From Modi’s 11 point agenda clearly states that PM has his way clear, and his goal clearer- DEVELOPMENT.
But our New PM has faced a lot of criticism, and that too this time the criticism is not from the people of the nation but the developers themselves …Politicians, Leaders, Socialists, Central State Govt. Employees.. these people are considered as developers or the ‘’Service men’’ of the nation. The unhappiest of all by the Modi Govt. are the central Govt. employees because with the new Government, new leadership has emerged with new discipline. Modi Govt. has a biometric attendance for all the Govt. Employees so that they reach office at time and do their work, other thing which is a cause of worry to these ‘’Service-men’’ is that now their relatives won’t be able to come as their assistants or so, in order to prevent corruption.
But the Modi Government seems to be least affected as they have their agenda clear. Time will show how the Government achieves it’s goals.
Till that time, I will conclude by saying what our PM has always said, ‘’Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’’.


  1. Yes we all are high with hopes and Modi has a great great responsibility over his shoulder. We all look forward for a newer, better India.

  2. Patience ! till we see PM actually working towards building up the confidence among us