Thursday, 22 June 2017


A filed trip was organised by  Bal Bharati Public School, Kharghar for the students of class 12th mass media studies to Hindustan times printing press, Airoli on 13th April 2017. A short seminar was conducted  to showcase how the newspaper we received daily are printed on everyday basis.

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The machines used by the print house is specially imported from Germany which can produce 18,000 units of newspaper under one hour.The process of printing in Hindustan times starts at around mid-night. The process of printing is complex in nature , therefore requires a lot of steps to followed. Firstly the editing department receives the information needed to be printed from different sources around India. the information is them divided into four colors-cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks. Then for each color an aluminium sheet template is prepared for printing. Then these templates are fixed into the machines for printing. Each machine will print its own color ( cyan, magenta, yellow and black) will our laid out vertically on top of each other on each level of floor.The whole process is controlled through the control room by monitoring the water and ink level of the machine. Finally the newspaper are printed and carried out by a long chain belt with clasps locally named by the employees as ' Anaconda' to the distribution room. The distribution room consists of a machine which will separate the number of newspapers required by the local distributor. After separating, the machine binds the newspapers together into bundles. Finally the bundles are loaded into the trucks for its physical distribution. This way our daily newspapers are printed.

The field trip organised by the school was a great experience for the students. Not only was it informational but it was very mesmerizing to see how the daily paper was printed.
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