Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Mumbai also known as Mayanagari, for its  money, fashion, luxury and film etc. To every person who doesn't stay in Mumbai it is a magical place, the fast locals,lavish lifestyle, tall buildings, busy roads. Everything about Mumbai is magical and exciting. What makes Mumbai even more lively are its citizens, who are obsessed with the city.Mumbaikars represent the true spirit of India as this city is a crucible of people from different religions, caste and communities. They portray the “never say die” spirit, they are full of life and vigor.
The street food is the highlight of Mumbai, one can enjoy anything and everything from vada pav to momos on the streets of Mumbai. The chowpatty's are the best places to enjoy street food in Mumbai. 
Shopping in Mumbai is delight for every shopoholic. A house to all the brands of the world, this place also provides a good bargain. Linking Road, Fashion Street and Lokhandwala markets are ideal places for the street shoppers and the young trendy teenagers where nice products can be purchased at really cheap prices. 
Mumbai has all characteristics any city should have. Thus I'll conclude by saying no city is good enough once you stay in Mumbai.

-Sanika Satam

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