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Book Review: Send me a sign.

Book Review

Name of the book: Send me a sign.

Name of author: Tiffany Schmidt.

Pages: 384

Target audience: Young adults.

Genre: Contemporary, realistic fiction, romance.

Summary: The story follows a 17 year old superstitious girl, Mia who after being diagnosed with Leukemia decides to keep her illness a secret from all her friends except her best friend/ neighbor, Gyver.

Review: Mia is a beautiful, smart and popular high school girl who comes from a rich family. All her life she has looked for signs. A sign that she will get good grades and make it into an Ivy-league school, a sign that she should get serious with her boyfriend and so on. And now she has to start looking for a sign to tell her if she can survive cancer.

Mia was a strong lead who had her own beliefs and theories. She decided not to show any fear and be tough throughout the treatment for her parent’s sake. The way she always looked for small signs was completely relatable. I mean, many of us do that too. Even though she was na├»ve sometimes and made bad decisions along the way (for which I really felt like strangling her), she became a character that I understood and rooted for.

Another character that I liked was McGyver. He stood with his best friend when she desperately needed someone. He supported her throughout her illness and cared for her. He was a really sweet and pleasant character. His mother was a nice character too. She truly understood Mia and treated her like her own daughter.

Mia’s father was an understanding person. He wanted to learn everything about his daughter’s sickness. Her mother, on the other hand was different case. She liked to pretend as if Mia was not suffering from life threatening disease. She was the reason Mia didn’t share the news of her illness with her friends. Her mother thought it would be better for her ‘privacy’. She was one of the annoying characters.

The story had funny and lighthearted moments that made me laugh, as well as heart wrenching ones which made me want to sob like a baby. The way all the characters evolved throughout the book, especially Mia, was wonderful. The author did a beautiful job, creating a multilayered story with flawed characters that I understood and started caring for. Seeing the world through Mia’s eyes was an amazing experience.

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