Friday, 7 November 2014

Movie Review : Interstellar

Most film-makers think small or medium. Not Christopher Nolan, for whom even big or bigger won’t cut it. His new picture is his biggest: biggest event and biggest spectacle. In the age of shopping-centre cinema, Christopher Nolan builds cathedrals. His films are cold, enormous, sky-puncturing constructions, echoey with triumphant gloom, rippling with the gasps and whispers of the faithful.
Writer-director Christopher Nolan shoots for the stars with a futuristic thriller, co-written with his brother Jonathan, about mankind's search beyond this galaxy for a new home to replace a dying planet earth.Epic in scope and wildly ambitious, Interstellar doesn't quite achieve its bold vision of a love story between a father and daughter set against the vast backdrop of mankind's final roll of the dice to avoid extinction.However, even when this grand futuristic adventure malfunctions, it's a deeply engrossing meditation on the ties that bind and the endurance of those emotional bonds across space and time.
The special effects are top notch but still leave much to be desired of when compared to last years Gravity. Matthew McConaughey Anne Hathaway are in top form. McConaughey may get an Oscar nomination for his role. Other actors like Matt Damon have also excelled in supporting roles. Even the girl who plays Cooper's ( McConaughey ) daughter has acted really, sadly I don't remember her name. The movie could have been about 10 to 15 minutes shorter as there is much of father - daughter bonding in this film.
All in all Interstellar is well acted well directed , the story could have been a little more engaging and some scenes could have been edited. I would say that Interstellar is a good time if you are looking for a good film to watch this weekend or else you can waste your money on HNY.
3.5 Stars ( worth a watch ) from my side.


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  2. The movie seems quite Interesting !

  3. Pl watch the film and give a review in the class. Happy viewing.

  4. Students, Manjula Madam's son is part of this film in the department of animation.