Saturday, 8 November 2014

Side Effects Of Having An Embarrassing Pet Name

Shakespeare had said, "What's in a name?" You have the painful answer to that!

That "Cute, weird  and Silly nickname names kept by our parents and other relatives have put us into a roller-coaster ride called embarrassment !! The very mention of the name in public brings an evil glimmer in the eyes of the listener and  awkwardness with in ourselves !! Yes, i have experienced it many times and its no less then a leg pulling spell ! 

If you have been trolled  with a silly nickname, you'll be familiar with these hardships: 

1. You NEVER mention your nickname to anyone. But there's always that one  Chaddi Buddy  who lets the cat out of the bag.  All we can say to them is to keep it under your hat!

2. Once your friends find out about that "unusually Cute nickname" All that we can hope it sweeps under the rug ! and thats not going to happen we all know.

3.There's that one trick: Ignore the jokes and people will stop. You've tried it and it doesn't work. Instead you get used to it.

4.And here's another trick that doesn't work: Justifying it. Nobody cares what it means; why you were named so or how it's 'cute' and not 'funny.' 

5. When you find somebody else with an extremely funny nickname, there sigh of relief   "foof! am not alone !"

6. When you invite your friends home, you give your siblings and parents strict instructions not to call you by "The  Embarrassing  Name"

You'll never admit it, but you do find your nickname Cute!! 

 Don't you now?


  1. Hilarious........wonderful reading , keep posting such interesting articles.