Wednesday, 5 November 2014

                                 Brain Drain...!!!


The migration of scientists, doctors, engineers and other technically qualified persons usually from a developing or underdeveloped country to an advanced or developed country is termed “brain drain”. It is a very serious problem for poor and underdeveloped countries, including India. Thousands of Indian scientists, doctors, engineers and other qualified persons have migrated to and are staying in other countries. Every year hundreds of our best brains make frantic efforts to leave India. The demand for passports is increasing every year, even though more and more employment opportunities are being created within the country. The steady out­ flow of our nation’s talent, especially those educated, at the cost of the tax payers’ money, has caused concern to the government.



So far as the reasons of brain-drain are concerned, one of the main reasons is the widespread unemployment and underemployment in our country. There are many scientists, doctors and engineers in our country who are unemployed. They have devoted several years of their lives to their education and have spent huge amounts of money on it- When after the completion of their courses of study and training, they find that there are no employment opportunities for them; they are overpowered by acute frustration. It is this state of affairs that forces them to go abroad.
The second major reason of this one way traffic of talent is lack of research facilities in India. Many of our best students go abroad for higher degrees or for research work, While studying for their degrees or doing research work abroad,they take up some part-time job in the field of their study or research  in order to earn some money that they need there. They have completed their studies they do not want to return». The reasons are obvious. The serious unemployment in India frightens them and they prefer to remain abroad. Idly, the better conditions of job and higher standard of living countries lure them to decide to stay on there. There are of some of such persons who when they returned to India Obtaining higher degrees or completing their research work, (Unable to get jobs befitting their qualifications and skill. They^ naturally frustrated when they found that they could neither ‘ to live a decent life with the salary that the job fetched them, II their specific skill being utilized in the best possible manner, ‘nitration forced them to leave India again. It is not as though our government is not concerned about this national problem or has not done anything in this connection. But the efforts made so far to prevent the drain of national talent have yielded little result. It is a serious problem. It has attracted even the attention of the U.N.O. The U.N. Secretary General has described the brain-drain as a valuable gift from developing countries to advanced countries and also suggested that developing nations should be adequately compensated for such drain of their talents. For quicker advancement and progress of India, it is very necessary that our scientists and skilled workers are offered the best opportunities within the
country. We cannot, otherwise, hope to stop this colossal national loss. In the context of India the problem of brain-drain has two broad aspects—means to check the outflow of our scientists from  the country, by generating employment opportunities for them within the country, and steps to facilitate the return of our  scientists from abroad.


  1. True that. The potential of Indians are being used up for the betterment of another nation, thats sad :/

  2. sneha, you have taken up a very relevant issue. The group members are requested to please express their views on this topic.