Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I've Realised it. If you have not, then you must.

Everything was very normal like it always was.. school started with a bang and I did everything possible apart from paying attention.  
        I'm the kind of person who knows that it is the most important year of my life a.k.a My 12th Grade...but with a very casual attitude.. thinking that "hojayega. abhi toh bohot time baaki hai" . 

P.S I'm being honest!

But, when I came home, something shocked me. It struck me. And has forced me to be serious about my studies. And that is....

  So there is this friend of mine who is a 12th pass out.. who happened to talk to me regarding her future plans as far as her career was concerned. She seemed depressed. I inquired her about the same and she told me how she didn't get admission in the colleges she desired. ( At that very moment, I understood that she must have secured less marks.) And I coyly tried to question her about how much she scored, and she very daintily told me that she got 86%. 

 I NEARLY FAINTED!! But I consoled her for a good 5 minutes and told her that I was a little busy and I left.

As I reached my room.. I shut the door fiercely and sat down shocked. Maybe because I didn't have the idea as to how difficult it is to be at the top of the game or to shine through all odds. Maybe.
But, as far me, I always knew that there is competition, but, why it shocked me was the reason that I consider 86% very good aggregate. ( I still do. Some of you might be wanting to send me to the asylum.. But 86 is a good percentage ya)

I pondered over this thought and realised that 86% is fairly good. But yes, there is difference between wanting to get admission in your preferred college.. than to just be positioned at *some* college.
This has brought in a change in me...and I promise tomorrow onwards, Kumud ma'am and my other teachers would see a different me. A person who will concentrate on studies and would believe the fact that " time hai.. par jo karna hai vo abhi karna hai "

I hope and pray that my friend is more focused now, and just that she gets into a good college.

So, this is a race to be at the top of the game, to be the game of the throne, the lord of the rings and to pass with flying colours.... I have realised it.. a little later... but if even one of you haven't...better late than never.

                                                XII LILY


  1. you will also get very good marks subhiksha :) be positive

  2. Fingers crossed. Hopes high. Aditi :)

  3. very honest and impressive subiksha. Good luck to you .Keep up your motivation level.God bless you.