Wednesday, 3 June 2015

When did we grow up ?


Don’t we just love remembering the old times? The good ol’ memories when we just little kids, having the time of our lives? Playing with toys, sliding the slide, throwing tantrums for one reason or another. Aaahh yes, that was definitely something! When we were kids, and we met someone new, it used to be ‘friendship on first meet’, and after one week, that person became our best friend. We never bothered about anything else going on outside our room because we used to be so busy having the time of our lives !

In between all of that, something happened. In the midst of technology, the smart phones, the virtual world, our lives changed. We became something ‘different’. Now it’s not just about having 
fun and enjoying, but about clicking photographs and selfies and posting them on social media. It is about changing your profile picture and the comments that you get on them.

During our childhood, we never even bothered about the type of clothes we wore, or the company we hung out with, or the marks that others got, we never cared about what others thought ! But it’s different now. We do care. And this is not due to technological reasons, but the phase that we are in. The ‘teenage’. We tend to think twice before making friends, choosing certain music types, and being up to date on the latest trends and so on.Something or the other does cross every teenagers mind. It’s the reality.

Don’t get me wrong, all of this does not apply to every one out there. Nor is all of this wrong. These are purely my thoughts. Overall, I would like to conclude by saying, live life the way you want, be confident and make your own path in life! 


  1. Indeed! Teenage and Adulthood is very are so carefree and happy!!!!

  2. its fun to relive childhood memories. lets all post an interesting childhood anecdote. Do follow this suggestion. let me think.......

  3. very true.....took me down the lane of childhood

  4. Actually!!!!! n right when I grew up I didn't realise but then suddenly one day after seeing younger children in school something striked that I was one of them one day!!!!! thankyou @ Sakshipandey for rereminding me that moment

    1. Your most welcome Krinal ! i sure miss those days too..