Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Where did they come from??

The English language is forever evolving! 

In this process of evolution, it has absorbed various new words. There are different types of word formaions like suffixation, prefixation, etc. One such type of word formation is called Blending/ Port Manteau. This means that two words are 'blended' together to form a new word. Here is a list of port manteau words that we use so regularly in our daily life. 

In fact, there are some words that you will be surprised to see in this list! For eg: Did you know that taxicab, which is used as taxi/cab actually came from two words.... taximeter and cabriolet!!!

Read on to find some more! :-)

Bollywood- Bombay+ Hollywood
Brunch- breakfast + lunch
Slactivism- slack + activism
Motel- motor+ hotel
Smog- smoke+ fog

Helipad- helicopter+ port
Heliport- Helicopter+ port
Blog- web+ blog
Pictionary- picture+ dictionary
Hinglish- hindi+ English

Pablet- phone + tablet
Oxbridge- oxford+ Cambridge
Eurasia- Eurpe + Asia
Pizzaria- Pizza+ cafeteria
Butterlicious- butter+ delicious

Marcos- Marine+ commandos
Mechatronics- Mechanical+ electronics
Romcom- Romance+ comedy
Sitcom- situation+ comedy
Sci-fi- Science+ fiction

Pixels-Picture+ elements
Multiplex- multiple+ complex
Biopic- biography+ picture
Anklet- ankle+ bracelet
Transistor- transfer+ resistor

Modem- modulator+ demodulator
Pompetent- pompous+ competent
Medicare- medical+ care
Paratroopers- parachute+ troopers
Camcorder- camera+ recorder
Forex- foreign+ exchange
Exim- export+ import
Brahmos- Brahmaputra+ Moscow
Travelogue- travel+ monologue
Glitterati- glitter+ literate

Telecast- telephone+ bradcast
Pulsar- Pulsating+ star
Goodbye- God be with you
Taxicab- Taximeter+ cabriolet
Advertorial- advertising+ editorial

Splog- spam+ blog
Podcasting- iPod+ broadcasting
Chortle- chuckle+ chortle
Stagflation- stagnation+ inflation
Intercom- internal+ communication

Accenture- accent+ future


  1. Interesting...

  2. Dear all
    Apologies.. in the above article the word 'pablet' has an 'h' letter missing. The correct word is "phablet".