Sunday, 7 June 2015


THRILL- a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.
              (an emotion or sensation) pass with a nervous tremor.

If you find the meaning of Thrill or Google the meaning you would get a hundred or thousands of different answers. For every person around you thrill has a different meaning in their own dictionary. It may not mean the same as it does to you or sometimes it might. For you thrill might mean doing something adventurous like sky diving but for someone else it might mean reading a whole book in one day.

Thrill is usually associated with speed, because as it is said ‘thrill kills’. And somewhere these words are true. Thrill also means taking risk at every step of your life. Thrill can take a person to his or her limits.

There are so many people around this world who live their lives just to experience that moment of thrill. But the question is ‘Is this thrill worth the risk?’ Because is always associate with something exciting or excruciating, something where you take the ultimate risk. Not something boring like reading a whole book of 1000 pages in a day or eating around ten whole pizzas alone, because these things do not involve risks. But does not mean they are not thrilling, because they might not be thrilling for you but it is sure for someone else.

Have a thrilling life but you have to make sure that the thrill in your life does have too much risk that causes yours or someone else their life.